Francesca Loprieno


I began to look at the sky when I realized I couldn’t watch the sea. I followed my migratory flux without being carried on by logic. Mine is a need of liberty, the possibility to recognize myself in every place. This always leads me to watch the horizon, a horizon that often included only houses, factories and dust... It was not my land; it was not my sea...

So, having not the possibility to turn my eyes far away, I raised them up to the sky. The state of an uninterrupted migration (common to the most part of mankind) induced me to collect, in a way almost obsessive, little fragments of sky and sea, according to the cities I passed through and that I still shall go across.

The skies of Rome and Paris, cities where I lived and I like often to return, and the sea of my native land, Apulia.
Small format images, slight appearances of architectures defining the space and at the same time effacing it. I have traced out a profile (the profile of my sight) putting a distance between me and the things, and I realized that those same things belong to me. The trees, the rocks, the branches, the sun trying to explode through the leaves, the balconies of Paris, the church of my town, each one of them is a soft indication, an evocative and suggestive nuances of my vision and of my condition of migrant, my condition od me blended with these elements.

photographic exhibit of pictures 12 x 12 cm
Exhibited at:
Casa della fotografia, L’Aquila