Appunti per caso

Our condition in the real is just a “snap-shot” of a caught world during its explosion, where every relating between the elements is often lost. No consistency with the organization of our experiences.
The photos follow the attempt of building a story without a real beginning and a real end.
It is the “while” the protagonist. The unwrapped narrations, the thin invisible moments, tied to our daily existence are the protagonists of these images. Places, landscapes, words, people, each one of them determines a presence that during the transit leaves a deep trace (often invisible) to us, we are so busy to reach everything, but we reach nothing.
Random notes is a project that was born in Paris, during the breaks, moments of thinking, refection, sudden meetings, sharing, gazes of quotidian non-sense.
This is รจ project that was born from the observation “during” the travel.
Random notes wants to show nothing but the impossible attempt to manage the real.


The project is composed of an art book including photos, texts and blank spaces though which the audience can interact cutting photos, building a story, matching texts, leaving blank spaces, can do everything he or she wants, everything, even nothing.