Artist Statement

My work is a reflection on photography as an artistic experience where experimentation and its possibilities of theoretical development are situated.

I use photography as a silent language to try to dialogue respectfully with what I say. I see it as a plastic material that can adapt and transform itself according to the story. Mine is a slow, meditative approach, which is continually changing and struggling to define itself concludes, lives with me in time and transforms itself like an erratic stone.


In my work, I collect traces of the imperceptible, fragments of an intimate diary that manifest through the image and poetry often in continuous dialogue with the history of art, a subject I teach and of which I am fed continuously.


The elements of nature, the fluidity of water, of air, the transition, the journey, the displacement, push me to lead my research towards an exterior which is the result of an inner world, which feels the need to reveal itself through the still or moving images.


Most of the work I have done represents my personal history, my travels, the search for my roots, the recording of traces of my passage, the relationship with the individual, with the other of myself. I’m afraid of forgetting, of not being able to see the beauty of life.


It is an ongoing double dialogue between things in order to bring me closer to a larger and more collective history.