Poème Erratique

Artistic Residence

GoodNight Residenza
Italie 2020

Poème Erratique is an installation of photographs glued on stone and pieces of stone engraved with texts and thoughts written during a drift.
The idea arose from a short-lived intervention, during an artistic residence, where I was asked to investigate the reception area using a minimum amount of time.

After studying the cartography of the place, I decided to walk during the kilometer that separates the same place from its second seat.
A starting point A and a finishing point B determined my walk in the countryside of the city of Corato, near the territory of Murgia, in the south of Italy.

The infnite series of dry walls, typical of the territory of Puglia, the suggestive landscapes with a wide horizon and the majestic olive trees were the basis of the careful detection of poetic suggestions and ramblings, then transformed into photographs and stone engravings.

The end result of this rambling is the presentation of a «diffuse work» in different places and corners of the ephemeral path. Not a visible installation for the public, but a gift left at liberty to the owners of the land where I intervened, where my passage took place.

The gaze placed for my speech does not intend to leave a visible trace in time, but wants to make a donation, to anyone who can find the photographers and the scattered and hidden pieces in the crossed countryside, my hearing, my vision and my reflexes on this road.

Just a sign of a passing presence of which there will be no trace.