Man is an island,
entire of itself.
Every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the Earth.
 John Donne


The photographic diptych INSULAE represents the primordial relationship of coexistence between the water and the Land, both elements view the humanity as hope and landing.

It is a silent dialogue between an island and a stretch of coast suspended in the fight for a place, a dimension and a space inside the indefinite space of the sea. It is a psycho-geography defensing a space, where the main protagonist is the human being in his state of being a migrant in the world.


  • Piramida of Tirana / Albania, 2014
  • National Gallery of Cetinje / Montenegro, 2014
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Rijeka / Croazia, 2014
  • Magazzino del Sale / Venezia, 2014